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Fun project for a large Australian family who needed to expand their living room. We doubled the size of the home's only big gathering space to make lots of room to entertain and feed the whole clan. A circle of seating for 8 people groups around the new fireplace and display/storage cabinets. The two level coffee table in front of the fireplace is our one-of-a-kind design. Its shape is straight along the sofa side, and round where it nestles inside the circle of chairs, with tons of room for serving food or displaying objects. After the expansion, this room seats 14 diners, 8 on sofa/chairs plus bench and ottoman so that 24 people can relax in great comfort and grand style! The new room addition features two dramatic dining areas, each with its own amazing chandelier, over two round dining tables, each seating 7 people. With dining for 14, upholstery for 8, the piano bench and an upholstered ottoman, the redone space now seats 24 people in grand style!